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The best 

I have got at least 10 iPhone quote apps and this one is by far the best. You can easily share by Twitter, email, fb..., the choice of quotes is very large, you can filter them as you want, and last but not least they update their app frequently and they listen to your advice! If you like quotes (in English) dont hesitate !

Great collection of quotes

Great collextion of quotes. The userinterface could be a little bit easier though.

Its ok!?

I thought that this app was ok!? it depends on how you look at the manor of the app. if your are a iPhone person great app for you but if you are slow on technology then this is not the app for you. was slightly complicated in some manors.


I really like this app, its got some really good quotes in here. I love the bookmarking and making your own. My only problem is the rating thing.

In app purchase not it

In app purchase not worth buying

Extremely Well Done!

This app is quality. The content, the user interface and all of the various options are implemented intelligently. If I had a quibble, which I really dont, I would suggest incorporating a 10 star quote rating system as opposed to the 5. It would provide a bit more clarity IMO. Also Id like to see what ratings other users of this app give these quotes. Im interested to know if perhaps others agree that, for an example, "This quote wasnt really all that meaningful"... and be able to see what rating, overall, others have given it. Trust me... a well done app! More quotes are always appreciated as well!

Highly Reccommended.


Great app!

Good user interface and the quotes seem to be high quality.

2.0 disaster

Just downloaded 2.0 upgrade.. All quotes disappeared, all favorites personal quotes still survive..catastrophic! Did someone test the upgrade before putting it into the App Store? Am I going to get back my beautiful database? Mah..


What is the point of the rating system. I see no section for top picks. It would be nice if new entries were sucked in via the Internet.


finally something useful i can cary around.. thanks m8

Near-perfect quote application

Very nice tool, when youre on the bus or in a boring lecture you can always take it out and educate yourself some more reading quotes from great men/women. Seleciton is really huge , and I hope therell be some further updates to this to add some useful features like favorite quotes etc... Thanks for this app.

Great app

Best quote app with great features. The only thing that needs improvement is the UI. Hopefully that gets updated.

Thanks to the Developer

I am impressed with the developers who are constantly updating their products to make them better and better. Ive had my Iphone for only two months and this app has been updated 3 times - each time the app gets better and more sophisticated. Thanks to the developer for trying so hard!

Not bad but has deletion promblems

I of this app yesterday and it has a lot of awsome quotes on it and you can save your favorites. But the downfall is that you cant delete a lot. I wanted to delete all the ones I didnt like now it just sends me back to homescreen when I try. Otherwise awsome app.

Nice but more sections r needed

You should guys add section with the Love quotes, I would love to impress my girlf. by saying something romantic n wise. Thank you

Great but what about writing quotes in french?

This app is great. I love it. I tried to add my own quotes in french but the special characters such as é-è-ä, etc. dont work at all. They dont show. Thats too bad. It should be a good and easy fix.

Interesting How Negative Reviews Just Diappear....

Reminds me of what happens to pointed questions asked of Obammy et al--the questions just disappear or, like Joe the Plummer, all of a sudden multiple state agencies are running you through their computers hoping to get "lucky" and hope you havent paid this or that--it all amounts to whatever cant be made to disappear is blunted by smearing the person asking the questions.... Oh, btw, this software item *BLOWS*. Im sorry I bought it--COMPLETE waste of time (and money). I WANT A REFUND. Ill be shocked if this review isnt "moderated" away [read: disappears because the content wasnt "PC"]

very good app,but...

But when I add something with Chinese character (because Im a Chinese) , it will became garbled characters. So until now I only watch original data...... Hope next version will solve this problem!

I dont know about the rest of you but I like it!

Relatively simple design. Easy to use and has a lot of quotes. Id say some quotes are pointless, but I dont look to this app to find what the meaning of life is. Whenever Im bored it look up a few quotes; if Im lucky Ill find a really awsome one and Ill star it. One day a simple, yet brilliant, quote my come in handy :D (or maybe not simple but whatever)

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