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IQuote 2.0 - World of Quotes app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 4107 ratings )
Utilities Education
Developer: BIGITEC GmbH
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 19 Aug 2008
App size: 4.57 Mb

IQuote was one of AppStores bestselling educational App for your iDevice - with over 10.000 interesting famous quotes!

The Wisdom of the Wise and the Experience of the Ages may be preserved by quotations. (Benjamin Disraeli)
Version 2.0.4: Hotfix!
+ Hotfix restores database after memory crash of some older devices
+ Minor interface improvements

Version 2.0.3: Another Huge Update!
IQuote now allows you to purchase interesting upgrades from within the app!
- In-App Store added
- Newsflash
- Overall great improvements (thank you again for your feedback!)
- Improved sharing capabilites

Version 2.0: Biggest Update Ever!
Get IQuote 2.0 Full Edition to benefit from the following features:

★ Secure Facebook & Twitter Integration!
★ Full-text search globally and in categories
★ Search for authors (prename + lastname!)
★ Add / Manage your own quotes
★ Delete & Move many quotes in 1 step!
★ Share famous quotes with your friends via Facebook/Twitter/Email/SMS/Chat!
★ Share also YOUR OWN QUOTE
★ Quote-History
★ Add quotes to the favorites
★ Auto-Bookmark while browsing!!!
★ Toggle between category and quote list view
★ Look-up authors in Wikipedia
★ Ads-Free!

IQuote will soon offer the following features:

★ Create online backups of your personal quotes
★ See popular quotes
★ See quotes by other IQuote users
★ Let other IQuote users rate your quotes
★ ...and read a bunch of new quotes & categories!

IQuote has been one of AppStores bestselling Educational Apps, since then we have constantly improved its functionality. Thanks to the feedback of our loyal IQuote users the newest version makes it .... THE BEST QUOTE APP FOR YOUR iDevice!

Version 1.3: Search for Quotes or Author!
- Full text search for keywords, filtered by category or author
- Backgrounds can now be turned on or off
- Rating-System simplified
- Overall UI improvements
- New load screen
- Minor bug fixes
- iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility

Version 1.2 is out! IQuote now has a complete german database which you can switch to on-the-fly and back. It also features a completely new user interface which is optimized for performance and usability.

Features overview:
- Favorites
- Email Quote to Friend
- Complete user interface overhaul
- Complete german language update, switchable on-the-fly
- New logo

Version 1.1: HUGE UPDATE!!!
The newest version of IQuote is out! And it is a HUGE improvement compared to the version 1.0 . This application is now your personal Quote Database with over TEN THOUSAND famous quotes inside reaching from classic to modern quotes, from all kinds of categories including Advice, Motivational, Cynicism and many more.

IQuote now features Categorizing, Editing, Deleting and Rating each one of the original quotes stored in the Database, and you can view all quotes either by browsing the categories or the authors.

The newest improvement in IQuote 1.1 though is that you can now ADD YOUR OWN PERSONAL quotes!

New Features overview:
- Add Personal Quotes
- Manage all quotes (Categorize/Edit/Delete)
- Rate each quote, and sort quotes by rating
- Browse quotes by categories or authors
- Show Random Quotes with beautiful backgrounds
- Statistics are stored for each quote (Rating/Views)
- New improved user interface and navigation

Pros and cons of IQuote 2.0 - World of Quotes app for iPhone and iPad

IQuote 2.0 - World of Quotes app good for

I have got at least 10 iPhone quote apps and this one is by far the best. You can easily share by Twitter, email, fb..., the choice of quotes is very large, you can filter them as you want, and last but not least they update their app frequently and they listen to your advice! If you like quotes (in English) dont hesitate !
Great collextion of quotes. The userinterface could be a little bit easier though.
I really like this app, its got some really good quotes in here. I love the bookmarking and making your own. My only problem is the rating thing.
This app is quality. The content, the user interface and all of the various options are implemented intelligently. If I had a quibble, which I really dont, I would suggest incorporating a 10 star quote rating system as opposed to the 5. It would provide a bit more clarity IMO. Also Id like to see what ratings other users of this app give these quotes. Im interested to know if perhaps others agree that, for an example, "This quote wasnt really all that meaningful"... and be able to see what rating, overall, others have given it. Trust me... a well done app! More quotes are always appreciated as well!

Some bad moments

Just downloaded 2.0 upgrade.. All quotes disappeared, all favorites personal quotes still survive..catastrophic! Did someone test the upgrade before putting it into the App Store? Am I going to get back my beautiful database? Mah..
What is the point of the rating system. I see no section for top picks. It would be nice if new entries were sucked in via the Internet.
Very nice tool, when youre on the bus or in a boring lecture you can always take it out and educate yourself some more reading quotes from great men/women. Seleciton is really huge , and I hope therell be some further updates to this to add some useful features like favorite quotes etc... Thanks for this app.
Best quote app with great features. The only thing that needs improvement is the UI. Hopefully that gets updated.
I am impressed with the developers who are constantly updating their products to make them better and better. Ive had my Iphone for only two months and this app has been updated 3 times - each time the app gets better and more sophisticated. Thanks to the developer for trying so hard!
I of this app yesterday and it has a lot of awsome quotes on it and you can save your favorites. But the downfall is that you cant delete a lot. I wanted to delete all the ones I didnt like now it just sends me back to homescreen when I try. Otherwise awsome app.